Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh To Go Back To Our Christian Roots

Oh for an America that once was, an America founded on Christian values. When we looked to The Bible for strict guidance of our morality. 

Oh to go back to a day when slavery was still a fully fledged institution that reflected much of the world's idea that not all people are created equally. 

Oh to go back to a day when women did not have the right to even vote, when they felt they were somehow less important than men, inferior as a gender, and therefore in submission to the wills of their stronger counterparts. 

Oh to go back to a day when "rendering to Caesar what is Caesar's" was in no way something we were willing to do, and we were willing to shed blood over taxation without representation, despite a british king not being able to hold a candle to any Caesar. 

Oh to go back to a day when we truly cared with all our might that institutions tell us who can and can not participate in Christian Sacraments. Them defining who could and could not participate allowed us so much more time to treat people unequally. 

Oh to go back to a day when anyone who was not white and male automatically had less legal rights, not just treated different by society, but actual less legal rights than other human beings. 

It truly does appear as though America is going to hell in a handbasket, because clearly it was in heaven to begin with. We were the sovereign, set apart by God as Israel was.

Oh the dreaded current where people are beginning to look at others and see their similarities as human beings instead of for their differences. 

Oh the dreaded current where we honor differences amongst others while still promoting strong linkages and bonds with those people who are different than us. 

Oh the dreaded current where people understand love to be a pervasive action that truly wrecks how we see people we don't agree with all the time and spurs us to greater sacrifice and warmth. 

Oh the dreaded current where Christians are starting to act like Jesus did and hang out with the sinners of this world, just so that those people know they are loved. 

We must work to correct our vision.

This post is not meant say that everything going on in our world is good. There is clearly evil in this world and there are certainly times when the world accepts something as good that God does not. However, it would serve us well to ask ourselves what is worth focusing on and changing in this world. Let us work for peace, for love, for justice, and for equality. 

And if you are fearful of the current. Know that while my words can sound harsh, I do understand your struggle and fear. I just also know that Jesus promoted that perfect love which casts out fear. Things will be ok as long as we seek to love like Jesus loved. You don't even have to agree with me for that to be the case.